Sorceress pre awakening (55) by SlayerKane

Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door SlayerKane !!!

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Giath’s Helmet (helmet) – dropped from Giath.

Red Nose (chest) – dropped from the Red Nose and Contaminated Imp Captian.

Bheg’s Gloves (gloves) – dropped from Bheg.

Muskan’s Shoes (shoes) – dropped from Monastery Leader.

The full set will give you HP Recovery +100, Maximum MP/WP/SP +100, Maximum HP +100, Accuracy +1, Evasion +1, Attack Speed +1, Casting Speed +1

In the mean time you should be using one of the following two armor sets:


The most popular armor choice for Sorceress is the Grunil set. It increases your maximum HP and will give you 2 socket slots on each piece, along with extra AP if you have the full set. Another advantage of using this set is that it is viable on any class, allowing you to swap to another class easily.


Another alternative set, is the Agerian set. You should be using it whilst leveling or if you don’t have enough silver for Grunil. Some people even prefer the Agerian set because it is a much cheaper and gives attack speed and casting speed, along with other bonuses such as health and movement speed. However, each piece will only give you 1 socket slot, so Grunil is better overall.


These are the best accessories in the game. They do cost a significant amount of silver.


Blue Whale Molar Earring x2  Maximum HP +100


Ring of Crescent Guardian x2

Ogre Ring Necklace x1

Basilisk’s Belt x1  Weight Limit +80LT

If you don’t have enough silver for the best accessories, these are a good temporary alternative.

Bares Earring x2  AP +4

Bares Ring x2    AP +2

Topaz Necklace of Regeneration x1  AP +5, knockdown resistance +30%

Bares Belt (OR any with AP) x1  AP +2

shift + LMB. -- S+E -- W+RMB -- W of S + F -- S+LMB -- Shift+ a of d + Space -- (bloody calamity with animation cancel) -- shift + e (with instacast)

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