Sorc basic guide 56+ patch 08-2018 by slayerkane

Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door SlayerKane !!!

De guide is het Engels omdat deze oorspronkelijk voor een engels forum geschreven is !! 

Mochten er vragen zijn kun je deze stellen op de discord !! 


hello and welcome to my new attempt of setting up a how to sorc basic guide.. its no superior mega guide but hopefully you can find enough tips and tricks in it on how to sorc.

just a small setup on how i play the sorc atm mainly pve foccused at this point..

my current gear

even tho its far from perfect and you need less to grind at peace here is my current setup :

My current skill points / skill setup

still dont have all the points i want/need and you dont need it all to start basics i hope it helps you in the right direction :

atm im saving up / grinding to compleet :

  1. turn back slash
  2. Grim reapers judgement
  3. Blade of darkness
  4. cartians nightmare
  5. flow : Cry of darkness
  6. flow : revived nightmare


The order of those skills i debateable/ what you prefer.. i hate those non mobile moments thats why cartian i picked cartian to for a later moment ( yes i am aware of the imunity and super armor you get from it)

Turn back slash is one of the skills i use allot in pvp as well as in pve thats why i gets my prio . same goes for grim reapers judgement (yes i am aware it s charge / non mobile skill .... or is it ? talk about that later)


now the ultimate debate.. blade of darkness.


i choose not to upgrade this early since i decided i could use my crystals for better things .. like my Q buff/mana regen..

but .. doesnt mean its useless.. the blade does decent pve damage and keeps mobs distracted (aka takes some of the heat / agro for you) keeps you alive and save a bit of dodging..


like mentioned earlier at the end of the road its all about what you prefer/need in your style ( same goes for the none awake skills since most of those are pvp related if your not pvp minded)


at the end the skil build im aiming for is :


plus the rabam skills.


The addons i use :

for pve you could of course change the pvp related stuff to your liking XD

and instead of storming crow you can use Bloody Calamity with the extra hp addon.

Dream of doom can be a live/money saver.. since the mp regen is nice with grouped mobs it saves allot of time/money on pots.


my skill on the bar and why

i bar both rabamskills since thats the way you can use them while in scythe/awake form ..

shard explosion (dont use it that much only when im desperate) since its hotbar only

absolute bloody calamity to fast acces it while in awake/scythe form

absolute dream of doom.. well im lazy so all i need to do now is press c and hit 8 lmb to insta cast XD

shield of darkness .. im lazy thats why


So all the boring stuff and knowledge is done.. time to Sorc!!


lets start with some tips and tricks to keep you alive


sorc is iframe heavy / can be iframe heavy kinda depends on where you grind with what gear..



most used :

shift + a/s/d depending on where you want to jump

dubble tap w


s+lmb (hp regen per hit )



a or d + LMB ( the most used and easiest iframe ) keep going from left to right to take no damage from mobs

w + rmb verry short but helps to get balls deep in a group.

space+shit+lmb small iframe jump + bit of extra armor and free slash afterwards.



don't forget you can block as well !! RMB will trigger your 100% but is a fast way to block

another way to block is bij timing your S button. walking backwards will trigger block when skill is about to hit you full frontal.


Grim Reapers Judgement

as promised time to get back on this subject XD

at first it looks like a non mobile skill with good damage and super armor.. now while holding your charge or both charges (space) try dubble tapping your direction buttons.. you can move/dodge like that using the skill !!



No matter what keep your Shift + Q and you Q buff as active as possible !! this helps you take a lot less damage en buffs your damage a lot ( and give mana so you wont run out that fast )


Rotation ?

have to admit im not using a standart rotation. i just use my skills and try to keep up as much of my buffs as possible and cast my debuffs as hard as possible.

i-frame in between so i wont die if the mobs turn out to be harder then expected.

to give a example of one of my rota's / possible rota's..


Shift Q and Q if needed followed by


Engulfing Shadow - Shadow Ignition - W+RMB -S+RMB-W+RMB - LMB + RMB (and direction to get in position) - C - Dream of Doom - repeat..


in the mean time keep an eye on your mana bar so you can see if you need a Q and/or Dream of doom all depends on how your fight goes.

and try to land some S + LMB for hp recovery


and last but not least .. a small vid to give some visuals to it XD



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