SlayerKane Chat Commands

Basic Commands

!slayerpoints - See the amount of SlayerPoints you have earned
!discord - get the discord link
!song - see what song is playing right now
!songrequest - request a song for 50 slayerpoints we all an enjoy
!givepoints - give some of your set amount slayerpoint to user
!leaderboard - check you stats on the leaderboard and see what you can do with your slayerpoints
!uptime - check how long the stream is going on
!giveaway  you can only use this when giveaway event is active
!duel - duel with a fellow viewer
!quote - get a random quote added by someone in chat
!gifted - get the link to all my recieved gifts
!roulette - Start a roulette and win some points !!!
!events - check out all upcomming / planned events
!friends - Check out my friends
!giveaways - check out the giveawaysystem
!followage - see howlong we know eachother on stream
!wishlist - Check out my dreams and wishes !!
!warframe - get acces to a free 7 day affinity booster
!accountage - check how old your account is
!store - open up the SlayerPoint Shop to see what you can buy with your hard earned SlayerPoints
!rekt - just spam it when i fck thing up or desever it
!playlist - the full songrequest playlist
!tip -  if you are feeling generous and want to donate/tip me a cup of coffee hit this link
!freetip - donate for free !!! verry much apreciated
!playlist - see current playlist
!quotelist - see the current quote database

!lootbox -  open the link to the world of lootboxes !!
!watchtime - check your watch time
!vgame - join the viewers game queue
!info - get current queue info
!position - check you current position in queue
!leave - Leave the queue
!flip - Flip a coin
!dice - Roll a D20

Prime Commands

!quote add - add your quote to the !quote list
!kill - Kill the selected user in chat
!skip - need 3 votes aka !skip 3 times to skip a song
!sp - short way to check your SlayerPoints
!sr <title + artist> - short and easy way to request songs
!lastseen <username> - check when that user has been last seen in chat
!time - check youre watch time and you current rank vs the other viewers