Once Awake (thank god) by SlayerKane

Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door SlayerKane !!!

De guide is het Engels omdat deze oorspronkelijk voor een engels forum geschreven is !! 

Mochten er vragen zijn kun je deze stellen op de discord !! 

yes i do realize i skipped a part... the non awakend part..

why ? verry simpel i hated it so bad i almost gave up lvling the valkyrie ...

therefore im not shy to admit that im a boosted animal with my valk and got carried to lvl 56 by simply running behind my booster and trying not to die..


that beeing said.. I Fudging looovvveee Heart Heart the awakend valkyrie!! Heart Heart

it feel strange in the beginning but once your used to the fact that your skill do a fck ton of CC and suprisiingly a fck ton of damage its pure nerdgasm (compared to non awakend ofcourse) !!!


but seriously the damage change is real.. you still tanky ( le duh big ass shield) and almost every skill has cc .. stuns pulls down attacks and so on and so on..


but without further bullshizzle !! let's start the guide XD

<3 <3 The Awakend Valkyrie <3 <3

End Game Gear to Aim for :

Dim Tree Spirit's Armor or Red Nose's Armor

Tree Spirit Belt or Basilisk's Belt.

Muskan's Shoes

Bheg's Gloves

Giath's Helmet or Griffon's Helmet

Ogre Ring or Laytenn's Power Stone


TET Kzarka Long Sword

TET Dandelion Lancia

TET Ultimate Vanguard Shield

Skill Build

To be honest i pumped all possible points in the awakening skills..

for the non awake points i used :

Elion's Blessing

Fitness Training

Breath of Elion

the rest is just what you prefer ( actually its all what you prefer XD but this is what works for me)

Skill Rotation

*the rotation i use most*

S+F > F



basic skill combo list :

S+F > F

S+F > SHIFT+RMB (hold RMB once you are lvl 59 for the extra flow damage)




You can even work something along the lines of

S+F > W+F > W+RMB > S+LMB > Spacebar > S+E > E (Grab) for a grab.


So far this is what works for me and i love it...


after i've awoken i went straight to gahaz and been grinding there ever since..

( on the way to gahaz i made a pit stop to upgrade the blue lancia to +12)

once there it was one big party ... only needed 25 pots to kill the violent.. ( not to shabby)

and with the violent gone .. its 3 shotting full group aka 1 3 skill combo .. no pots needed ..


so carry on if you started a valk.. non awakenening grinding is a bitch but trust me when i tell you that the awakening makes it worth your struggle !!


and of course as a boosted animal myself ... if you need help with the struggle grind and your on the europe server send me a msg and ill try to help you !!


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