Gear Progression Guide

Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door @Metalharpey#7947

Dit is haar advies/gids over de cooking skill in Black Desert Online  in het engels gezien de oorspronkelijke guide is geschreven voor de onismusha guild in bdo !!

Mochten er vragen zijn kun je deze stellen op de discord !!

I've been getting alot of questions on how you should progress on gear.
Aside from that being mostly class related and a personal choice, I'll share how I did it, and how I think it's best.

When you just start playing

You'll grab whatever you find, this will probably mostly consist of whatever you get from quests, such as:

  • Cruhorn Helmet = 12 DP (can later be upgraded to Devourer Helmet, =25 DP)
  • Red Orc Armor = 23 DP
  • Amerigo's Shoes = 10 DP (can later be upgraded to Veteran Adventurer's Shoes = 20 DP)
  • Ceasar's Gloves = 10 DP (can later be upgraded to Wind Crystal Gloves = 17 DP)

At a later point you'll receive a quest for the Dim Magical Armor = 48 DP and this can be upgraded when questing through Mediah, into Roaring Magical Armor = 60 DP

Weapons are also provided through main questline, such as:
I'll change the class weapon names into "weapon" to make it easier.

  • Basteer "weapon" = 20-24 AP
  • Dim Magical "offhand" = 7-9 AP + 17 DP

The Basteer can be enhanced if you wish, however I wouldn't go over +7 or +8 because if you fail you will lose durability and as a new player it will be hard to do this right from the start.
The Dim Magical offhand can be exchanged in the same way as the Dim Armor, but these quests only show up in the Calpheon region, and only when you're done with the main questline there.

While questing your way through Calpheon you'll notice blue gear drops and accessories. These are actually pretty good so if they are better than what you have from the questline, use it.

Once you reach lv51ish

Your black spirit will tell you that you're ready for Mediah.
However when you start going there you'll notice shit gets harder. This is where you start making the choice of which green armor to go for (no enhancing, just save up and buy shit... its cheaper).

The most common choices are:

  • Roaring Dim Armor = 60 DP
  • 3 parts DUO Grunil = 127 DP + 5 AP + 150 HP (2-set and 3-set)
  • Full Asulas accessories OR 5 set Asulas and General's Earring
    (obtained through black spirit, you can upgrade it with quests)


  • 2 parts DUO Grunil & 2 parts DUO Heve = 187 (same as first option)
    +5 AP (2-set Grunil) + 250 HP (2-set Heve)
  • Full Asulas accessories OR 5 set Asulas and General's Earring
    (obtained through black spirit, you can upgrade it with quests)

Of course you can do whatever you want, it's after all a personal choice.
I used the first option as it was easier to swap out for the first boss item, if you go for 2-set you'll have to swap in 2s. If you go for the 3-set you can swap out 1 item without losing the set bonus and decide after if you want to add another boss item to get the 2-set Grunil and 2-set boss or go for full boss right after breaking the set.

As for weapons, at this point you have multiple choices.

I would suggest to stay on the Dim Magical offhand as long as you can, because yes you can swap to a full AP offhand but that will cost you money. You can also try to suck it up and go for Kutum when you saved up enough instead. Kutum is a key item in higher level grinds so you'll want it ASAP.

As for main hand, for pve you should pick either Rosar or Kalis. Kalis is a little bit lower in AP, generally cheaper on market and doesn't drop AP when it rains (yes that's a thing lol). This is a personal choice so I'll not continue this further.

When you reach lv56

The black spirit will tell you that you can awaken your class.
Once you get through this questline thing you'll recieve a +10 Green Awakening weapon and a Blue Awakening weapon.
Basically the Green Awakening weapon is for PVE and the Blue Awakening weapon is better for PVP.

This is a choice you have to make on your own. If you prefer to PVP while grinding, you can go for a TRI Blue Awakening weapon (of course it will be lower in the start because silver XD), before going for TRI/TET Dandelion. The reason why I say TRI/TET is because blue has a higher AP than green and so the step to Dandelion will be significantly smaller AP wise.

You can also stick to the PVE Green Awakening weapon, grind with a TRI and make the swap to Dandelion after that, this will be a nice increase to your AP and save you some money since the Green is alot cheaper.

You can still stick to Asulas to save yourself some money until you get through boss gear.

Full TRI Greens, now what?

Next up... Boss weapons! Yep, weapons first.

Alright so we got main hands, that mainly increase your AP and accuracy (this is important for melee classes and those who want to pvp). Options are Kzarka, Offin and Blackstar.
For now Blackstar will be WAY out of your price range so forget about that XD

Then there is of course offhands, Kutum is a very wanted item that will greatly increase your damage output towards PVE. Even high grindspots require this item.
You'll be using Nouver when you can reach the 261 bracket with it, and stop using it again when you can reach the same with Kutum. So this is not a prio item, only if you want more AP during PVP fights (you can put both on hotbar and swap in between).

Then we got the Dandelion Awakening weapon! This usually comes after main and offhand, but again its personal preference so swap it up when you feel like it.

Then... Boss armor!

There's a few different types of boss armor, and those are mostly preference based of course XD Any combination however gets you the set bonuses;

  • 3-set: Max. Stamina +200
  • 4-set: Attack & Casting Speed +1

So how do we get these shiny bits? Welp, some of em are scroll bosses, some are field or world bosses and some spawn in rifts! Yeah, that doesn't help...
Stats are shown as DUO

Giath's Helmet (62 DP + 100 HP)

  • Daily Scroll
  • Rift Boss

Griffon's Helmet (62 DP + 5% Resistance to all)

  • Weekly Scroll (after finishing Kamasylvia questline)
  • Rift Boss

Red Nose's Armor (71 DP + 10 HP Recovery + 100 Max. MP/WP/SP)

  • Daily Scroll
  • Field Boss (near Western Guard Camp)
  • Rift Boss

Dim Tree Spirit's Armor (71 DP + 200 Max. HP + 100 Max. MP/WP/SP)

  • Weekly Scroll
  • Field Boss (near Western Guard Camp)
  • Rift Boss

Muskan's Shoes (59 DP)

  • Weekly Scroll
  • Rift Boss

Urugon's Shoes (61 DP)

  • Weekly Scroll (after finishing Kamasylvia main questline)

Bheg's Gloves (42 DP)

  • Daily Scroll
  • Field Boss (near Heidel)
  • Rift Boss

Leebur's Gloves (42 DP)

  • Weekly Scroll (after finishing Drieghan main questline)

I'm not sure if Rift bosses can drop their boss gear but I listed them just in case XD

Gear Priorities

This is both preference and class dependant, but I can give you the general idea...

For classes who use their main hand alot or are melee:

  • Main hand
  • Offhand
  • Gloves
  • Awakening
  • the rest of it

For witch/wizard (my personal preference)

  • Offhand
  • Awakening
  • Main hand
  • Armor
  • the rest of it

Accessories are usually final items as it's alot more expensive to enhance these as it is to enhance boss gear. Yeah, not kidding. Anyway, this is how you progress in gear 🙂

Did this help you?
How did you do it?
Anything you have to add?

Leave a comment 🙂

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