The Gauntlet

The StrongHold Gauntlet or The Gauntlet in short

Once a month there will be a lottery that draws one of the Twitch-Affiliated streamers to take part in The Gauntlet!

The streamer will be challenged through The StrongHold community to fulfil a goal set within his or hers possibilities! All events will be saved to the Past Gauntlets page.

Alle events zullen worden bewaard/vereeuwigd op de Past Gauntlets page.

In the first Gauntlet, Affiliated streamer Metalharpey was challenge to play online matches on Soul Calibur VI. But online matches only!

Every victory has a base of 20 bits, every new follower (That followed during The Gauntlet) added 1 bit to this base. Everyone that witnessed a win also added 1 bit to this base!

Other possibilities can be:

Challenge one of our art-streamers for a design contest

Game challenge:
Challenge one of our Game-Streamers for an in game challenge

Talk Show:
2 hosts will go against each other in a civil discussion

How can you participate?

Make sure you have a clear promotion panel on your stream, directing to The StrongHold. With our site and discord in it.
(You’re allowed to make one of your own, but you can also download one from the website)

Click the button Sign Up and set the subject to “The Gauntlet”. As soon a we get your registration, you will be added to the “Affiliated page”

Once a month there will be a lottery that draws one of the Twitch-Affiliated streamers, and we will decided together with this streamer what the challenge will be.

Also the streamer in question will get some extra promotion, to make sure the event will be a big success!

Are you twitch-Affiliated and not scared of a challenge? Register now! click that button!