SlayerKane About me

My name is Wesley "SlayerKane" Melissen
Born 17-11-1989 so do the math :P
I enjoy several different games trough the years and i play serveral different genre's in gaming.
In the past years i have enjoyed and collected allot of different gaming series like :
Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Diablo and many more.
After the DIAblo series life decided for me to add another DIA to "enjoy"
Since 06-06-2k14 im officially a DIAbetic to complete the DIA series in my life.
Therefore i decided to start streaming and get some awerness for diabetes on 10-12-2k14.
Ever since that day my life flipped upside down and got to know some awesome new people.
People who supported me trough some pretty rough times.
It's because of their support that i want to pay it forward !!!
Sharing the love/support and create awareness.
What started as my story turned into our journey
So what is your story ?