About us

About The StrongHold,

We are a fun growing community which would like to share our knowledge with each other in a great surrounding. This is possible with the use of Discord for this.

There will be a lot more on the Discord then just creating a fun surrounding of course! We also share our knowledge, guides, builds and a lot more!

(Sent in guides will be saved on the website to keep it all together and organised).

Besides the fun, Our community also organizes the needed tournaments, challenges and other festivities which everyone can join!

A home away from home for everybody. From gamers to non gamers, competitive to casual, bookworms to artists and on and on.

There will always be someone that will listen to you, and help you if needed!

That’s the purpose, the mission, the power of The StrongHold

Together we're strong!

Welcome to The StrongHold your home away from home!