For the League Of Legends Players within the communit we set up a small competion and reward system with Ikon.gg

With Ikon.gg you can add an extra dimension to youre lol games by playing challenges / small tournaments to earn coins and seasons trophies
These Coins you can spend in The shop to buy free riot points and on The Rafffle page mee doen aan giveaway's voor ingame lol rewards !!
Like mentioned earlier this boosts your normal league expierence with that extra competitive dimension
With your hard earned season trophies you compete vs the other club members on the leaderboeard
Each season The top 10 on the leaderboard get rewarded extra coins to spend !!
1000 trophies = 10.000 coins, 2000 trophies = 20.000 coins and 3000 trophies = 25.000 coins extra in the pocket !!!
When the team is in Division IX or higher we are able to do the top 10 leaderboard rewards !! the higher the division the higher the reward !!
Use one of the links below to join the team and start earning that free RP !!

See you on the leaderboards !!!

(youre link here ? PM your link to SlayerKane#5169 on discord) )