Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door MichelTielNL#0317 !!!

DIt is een guide met MichelTielNL's visie op de Eidolon Teralyst Hunt !!

if you have any questions you can ask them on discord !!

Eidolon Teralyst Hunt


#1 Mark the enemy. If you dont find him and mark him right away, it can take a while to find him.

#2 Get TWO lures. Three if you really feel like one may die but Two. More than that and the vombalysts are being spread too thin to fill up the lures quickly

#3  You start in operator form to take down the shield(purple bar)

#4 Then you get into your warframe and take off the armor (The blue pieces around his arms and knees)

#5 After taking off all 4 armor pieces it is important that you tell the full lures (blue) to hold position. If you dont have 2 within range you will get a kill instead of a capture and wont get all of the rewards.

#6 HURRY back to the Cetus gate. There is only 50 minutes of night and messing around by riding the K2 back is wasting everyone's time. The faster the run goes, the more captures you can make and the faster you can level up quills standing, focus etc.


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