As well as every other community, clan, guild, e-sports team and everything else what uses a communication platform. We are also active on Discord!

What is The StrongHold discord?

Discord is a modern version of a programme that a lot of us know as TeamSpeak, but it mixes itself with a social media platform and a forum.

before the StrongHold was divided over 3 platforms.

For the easy voice chat and casual small talk.


for the casual chats between themselves.

A Forum:

On here, the important information was stored.

Like game guides and builds.

Join our discord on : https://discord.gg/ZMpUCJJ

What can I expect on the Discord?

You can find the fun atmosphere of the community here. this is possible via joining one of the guilds that have found their home in our server. joining or supporting one of our streamers that have settled in our server. You can also just chit chat with everyone in the public channels available! From gaming to art, book to netflix there is no subject to odd. As long as you keep it between the ToS of Discord.

We also offer Twitch live announcements on Discord as a service, To make sure everyone knows you’re online and ready to go! New posts of our artists are also announced. (For now: Tumblr and DeviantArt are linked. But we are working for more.) As mentioned in the Event topic. There are monthly events that will be organised in the Discord.

Come and take a look, enter a conversation and who knows. Maybe you will have your own event in the near future!