Welcome all to another guide from The StrongHold community!! this guide is created by Thor#1360 !!!

a small guide to explain how to connect and play on the SDG-Pixelmon server

if you have any questions you can ask them on discord !!

How to connect / play on the pixelmon server

Step 1 
Download the pack from one of these Links and safe it on a location you can find. 

Step 2

Make sure you have Twitch installed if not download it from here 

Step 3

After installation login and navigate to the Mods screen highlighted in the screenshot
Step 4 
Select Minecraft
You might get a new window saying to install minecraft do this and follow the instructions untill you get the same screen as the screenshot below this without the profiles 
Step 5 
Select Create Costum Profile
Step 6
Press the small Import button highlighted in the screenshot 
Step 7 
Navigate to the location you saved the file you downloaded in Step 1 and select it then press Open 
Step 8
Wait untill the instaltion is done and then press Play 
Step 9 
Go to multyplayer in minecraft and connect to the server that is there 
Step 10 
play and have fun !! 
if you have any idea's or questions you can ask them in the MC server section on : 


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