Cooking 101 by @Metalharpey#7947

Welkom allemaal weer bij een nieuwe guide van The StrongHold Community !!! Deze Guide is ingezonden door @Metalharpey#7947

Dit is haar advies/gids over de cooking skill in Black Desert Online  in het engels gezien de oorspronkelijke guide is geschreven voor de onismusha guild in bdo !! 

Mochten er vragen zijn kun je deze stellen op de discord !! 

The most important part of leveling up/mastering your professions, is to have fun.

Don't just play for profit. Most professions are generally NOT profitable at all.

This of course depends on how much you do by yourself, instead of buying materials etc. from the Market.

Basics & Useful Recipes

From Beginner to Apprentice you should be focused on making Beers for your workers.

  • 5x Grain (Barley, Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat)
  • 6x Mineral Water (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 2x Leavening Agent (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 1x Sugar (purchased from cooking vendor)

Starting at Apprentice 1, you can start doing some of the cooking dailies in Velia and Olvia to raise your cooking skills (see below). Some of them won’t fully unlock until you reach Skilled.

Making Beer is still a decent way to raise your cooking levels but you might want to start thinking about making Tea with Fine Scent for the Milk Tea/Sute Tea that you will be able to make once you hit Skilled in cooking. From there you can create even more special and advanced dishes!

Tea with Fine Scent: Max. MP +50 for 60 min.

  • 4x Flower (Sunflower/Tulip/Rose)
  • 4x Fruits (Apple/Strawberry/Grape/Cherry/Pear/Banana/Pineapple)
  • 7x Mineral Water (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 3x Cooking Honey

Starting at Skilled 1, you can make Milk Tea/Sute Tea so hopefully you have stockpiled a bunch from the Apprentice levels for use if you want to specialize in this.

Milk Tea: Combat exp. increase +8% & HP recovery +5 for 90 min.

  • 2x Tea with Fine Scent
  • 2x Grain Flour (Barley, Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat)
  • 3x Milk
  • 3x Cooking Honey

Sute Tea: Life exp. increase +8% for 90 min.

  • 2x Tea with Fine Scent
  • 2x Butter (shake milk & sugar at 1:1 ratio)
  • 3x Milk
  • 1x Salt (purchased from cooking vendor).

Daily Quests

This is probably the easiest and most profitable way to level your Cooking profession. Keep in mind that some of these steps, you can do by yourself as well. This is a guide made for people who actually have something to do in real life, aside from gaming

Invest a worker on the grape node in Olvia and a worker on the olive node. Invest workers in the three potato nodes in Velia and also invest workers in both chicken farms. Invest workers off the coat of Epheria, you want to invest in 1 shellfish node and 2 regular fish nodes. Invest a worker in Heidel for honey production. Once a day you will collect all your gatherings and dry your fish. You will spend Alts energy collecting Milk in Olvia, pounding flour and butchering wolves for wolf meat at the Western Guard Camp or lambs/sheep at Goat Mountain. Finally you need to purchase 2 strong fences costing 10 contribution each. You need to raise onions and pepper through farming. If you do all of these things you will be able to do these awesome daily quests once per day. They pay off huge Cooking Exp rewards and huge silver payouts in the Auction House (All of the dishes, especially the last).

There are 5 dailies in Olivia that are super easy to complete.

  • Quest 1 is given by a boy on the fence of the cow pen. Collect milk and you're done.
  • Then the cook in the Inn has 4 Daily quests. One quest you have to unlock through the conversation game. It is really easy to win this game with her. The first quest she gives (Quest 2) is make cheese. Well you just got milk, make 2 cheese by pressing L and drying milk.
  • Quest 3 you need to make 5 beer. 6 Mineral water, 5 grain (Example potato), 2 leavening agent, 1 sugar per combine until you hit 5 beer.
  • Quest 4 you make 3 Boiled Bird Eggs. Combine 6 Mineral Water, 3 eggs, 1 salt, 1 cooking wine until you get 3 of the dishes.
  • Quest 5 you make fried bird. 7 Chicken meat, 4 flour, 3 pepper, 2 eggs. There you are done in Olivia!

Next there is a chef in Velia and his helper. Do all of their quests and then his helper will give you 4 dailies. This is a step by step cooking guide to completing those dailies. NOTE: The higher level your cooking is, the less combines you will have to make. Example it might only take you two combines of a recipe to make 5 of the necessary dishes!

Daily #1: Live Fish Salad x5 Turn 10 milk into 10 cheese. 10 eggs, 10 olive oil, 20 salt, 10 mineral water.

  • Cook 1 egg, 1 olive oil, 2 salt and 1 mineral water into 10 Dressing. 20 Dried Fish, 15 Onions.
  • Cook 4 Dried fish, 3 Onion, 2 Dressing and 2 Cheese Into 5 live fish salad.

Daily #2: Fruit Wine x5 Turn 24 grain into 24 flour. 24 Fruit, 24 leavening Agent.

  • Combine 1 flour, 1 fruit and 1 LA into 24 batches of Essence of Liquor. Turn 18 grain into 18 flour. 18 mineral water.
  • Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 18 batches of Dough. 12 Leavening Agent, 30 Mineral Water.
  • Combine 3 Dough, 1 Essence of Liquor, 2 Leavening Agent and 5 mineral water into 6 Exotic Herbal wine. 30 Fruit, 12 Mineral Water.
  • Combine 3 Essence of Liquor, 1 Exotic Herbal wine, 5 Fruit and 2 mineral water into 6 Fruit wine.

Daily #3: Ham Sandwich. Turn 60 grain into 60 flour. 60 Mineral Water.

  • Combine 1 flour and 1 Mineral Water into 60 Dough. 30 Milk, 20 Eggs, 20 Leavening Agent.
  • Combine 3 milk, 2 eggs, 2 leavening agent and 6 Dough into 10 batches of soft bread. 60 Red Meat, 10 Onions, 20 Pepper, 20 Salt.
  • Combine 6 red meat, 1 onion, 2 black pepper, 2 salt into 10 batches of Grilled Sausages. 20 Eggs, 25 Vegetables (Olives).
  • Combine 2 soft bread, 2 grilled sausages, 4 eggs and 5 vegetables into 5 Ham Sandwiches.

Daily #4: Serendia Special x3 6 Fruit wine (Previously made) 3 Ham Sandwich (Previously made). Turn 12 grain into 12 Flour. 12 Mineral Water.

  • Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 12 batches of Dough. 18 Honey, 6 Eggs, 12 Milk. Combine 4 Dough, 6 Honey, 2 eggs and 4 milk into 3 Beehive cookies. 18 Eggs, 36 Mineral Water, 6 Salt, 6 Cooking Wine.
  • Combine 3 eggs, 6 mineral water, 1 salt and 1 cooking wine into 6 batches of Boiled Bird Eggs. Turn 18 grain into 18 Flour. 18 Mineral Water.
  • Combine 1 flour and 1 mineral water into 18 batches of Dough. 12 Red Meat, 9 Sugar, 6 Olive Oil.
  • Combine 6 Dough, 4 red meat, 3 sugar and 2 olive oil into 3 Meat pies.
  • Combine 1 Meat Pie, 1 Ham Sandwich, 1 Beehive cookie, 2 Boiled Bird Eggs and 2 Fruit Wine into 3 Serendina Specials.

Farming instead of Node investment/workers

This method is for people who LOVE to farm . You need to have some workers doing Potato’s, Wheat, Corn and Barley. The reason for this is you need grains in order to create good fertilizer. But I have seen people get by with as few as two nodes and two workers . Invest most of your contribution points into Strong Fences and place them in appropriate locations on the map.

Choose 3-4 dishes you want to specialize in and plant your crops accordingly. At a bare minimum you should have 10 farms going to be a highly successful Farmer/Cook. This path offers a lot of freedom! You can 100% ignore your crops until it is time to harvest them by pressing R.

Start off with the cheapest seeds and slowly grow your crops from whites to greens to blues. The reason you want Blue ingredients is they count as 5 in your cooking recipes (Greens count as 3, Whites as 1). You can sell excess blue seeds on the Market for good money.

Another bonus of farming for yourself is you can harvest almost 4-5 times a day and get HIGH numbers of crops. Much higher than if you gather it using a tool, and did I mention you do not need tools to farm! Most people do not even use scarecrows they just tend them once per hour and typically harvest in 5-8 hours.


For Inorganic Fertilizer: Get 5 grain press L dry it and presto!

For Fertilizer Byproduct get 3 Inorganic Fertilizer, 2 Leavening Agent and press L to shake them!

For Organic Fertilizer take some empty bottles to a river. Fill them. Press L, Heat them. This makes Distilled Water.

1 Fertilizer Byproduct and 2 Distilled Water if you press L and shake them will make 1 Organic Fertilizer!


You simply Fish, sell the expensive ones, dry the cheap ones. Then cook your fish into awesome fish recipes (Use cheap live ones for less energy). Fish dishes actually sell really well and you could do the first Velia Daily each day for some extra Cooking Exp.


When you're busy Cooking, you'll also get byproducts every now and then. Keep them! Save them up to about 200 and then go hand them in. The rewards you get for it are really not that bad!

  • 5x Dish with Weird Texture: 3k Silver coins
  • 5x Taken Out Food: Cooking XP
  • 5x Strongly Seasoned Dish: 1 Milk
  • 5x Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients: 5 Contribution Points

The great thing about Black Desert is it offers so many paths to success. Make sure you are having fun while cooking so you do not get burned out. Pick a few dishes to specialize in and realize that you will never have the energy to do everything and be fine with that. When you cook you make 5 dishes as by products. They give Cooking exp, Contribution exp, Silver, Milk and Beer. Waiting until you have stacks of 200 then turning them in is a smart idea to avoid having to go back and forth all the time!

Of course, when you plan to do Imperial Deliveries for that extra cash (requires some more activity), you'd have to specialize into something else entirely.

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